How To: Google Local Marketing the RIGHT Way

Optimizing Your Business for Google Local Search has Never Been So Important… Unfortunately, many businesses are doing it wrong (so are many SEO Agencies). Check out the video below for a better understanding of what it takes to get found on Google’s local search. TIP: The super simple formula for ranking in Google Local is…
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Top SEO Stories

[kc_font_underline type=”2″]Top SEO News from Around the Web[/kc_font_underline]   Seriously, Google: A Doodle About Ice Cream Sundaes? I commend Google on their efforts to make their search engine interesting!…sundaes so on a Sunday we put an ice cream sundae doodle on a search engine that… 28 SEO Experts Share the Most Compelling Content that Influenced…
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Why Google Search Plus?

With Google’s recent launch of “Search Plus Your World,” the debate for and against Google adding social search features to its algorithm has reached a fevered pitch; even the Federal Trade Commission has added Google’s social search functionality to a growing list of Google antitrust concerns.    While it’s been suggested by more than one…
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